Top 5 Best Gym T-Shirts For Men By Jeffa

Top 5 Best Gym T-Shirts For Men By Jeffa

With the sun shining brightly and temperature increasing, you need something that'll keep you cool in this hot summer during the workout. We have developed our gym t-shirts to make you feel cool and comfortable during the exercise. We have used skin-friendly materials in all our t-shirts to prevent rashes, and our gym t-shirts come in a lightweight material that feels nothing on your body. In this article, We will deeply discuss our top 5 best-selling t-shirts, how we made them, what kind of fabric we have used, and every small detail for you to understand better.

Fit Fusion Nylon T-Shirt:

  • Fabric: This Nylon t-shirt comes in a premium nylon fabric and four-way stretch. Nylon fabric features moisture-wicking technology that allows you to keep dry during the intense workout so that you can push yourself and improve your performance.
  • Fit: fit plays a very crucial role in the workout. Our T-shirts come in a slim-fit design for better fitting. Also, fit t-shirts give you confidence during workouts and you can flex yourself in front of your gym buddies.
  • Sleeves: Most of our gym t-shirts come in raglan sleeves. It gives you freedom of movement during the workout so that you can finish your workout at ease, without any restrictions.
  • Design: This t-shirt has a textured design for an appealing look and a Jeffa silicon logo print on the left chest.

Elite Training T-shirt:

  • Fabric: This Elite t-shirt comes in a premium polyester spandex fabric and four-way stretch. This t-shirt is very lightweight and feels nothing on your body during the workout.
  • Fit: this t-shirt comes in a slim fit design for better muscle support during workouts and helps you to prevent injuries.
  • Sleeves: Our elite training t-shirt comes in raglan sleeves that allow you to give freedom of movement during a workout.
  • Design: This T-shirt has a detailing silicon stripe on both sides and a jeffa silicon logo on the left side.

Endurance T-Shirt:

  • Fabric: This Endurance t-shirt is made from premium polyester spandex fabric. We have used skin-friendly technology in this fabric that prevents you from rashes in this hot summer weather.
  • Fit: Our endurance t-shirt comes in a regular fit design for those who don’t like slim-fit t-shirts for their workout.
  • Sleeves: Our endurance t-shirt comes in a regular fit for those who don’t want a slim-fit t-shirt for their workout.
  • Design: This tee has a reflective HD logo on the left chest and a reflective stripe on both sides.

Essential Oversized T-Shirt:

  • Fabric: Our oversized t-shirt is made from premium cotton terry fabric. We have used 240 GSM fabric in this t-shirt for a great oversized look.
  • Fit: This oversized tee comes in a baggy look and long sleeves. Along with the workout, you can wear them casually as well.
  • Sleeve: The tailored sleeve designs don't restrict your movement during the workout.
  • Design: This t-shirt has minimal Jeffa silicon branding on the center of the chest and a Jeffa Believers patch on the left bottom.

Peak Performance T-shirt:

  • Fabric: This performance t-shirt is made from premium polyester fabric. Anti-odour technology is used in this fabric to protect you from germs and make you feel fresh during workouts.
  • Fit: Our peak performance t-shirt comes in a slim-fit design. Four-way stretches made them more comfortable for athletes.
  • Sleeve: This tee comes in a regular fit design which makes it more comfortable for athletes.
  • Design: This peak performance t-shirt has a piping design on both shoulders and a Jeffa tagline print on the back.

Why We Made These T-shirts?

During the summer season in India, the temperature is high in all the states and athletes want outfits that help them to reach their goals without any restrictions. We have researched a lot about what kind of fabric, fit, what kind of features fabric should have to prevent athletes from this hot summer and much more research. We have designed all 5 t-shirts according to the Indian summers with rough and tough quality that will last forever. Also, you can go for gym track pants for men to pair your t-shirts well.


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